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Monica Loera

I cultivate excellent relationships with my customers to enable them to create and deliver a successful and innovative product. With my background in business, marketing, customer service, art and graphic design, I have a proven track record in the development and implementation of strategic marketing plans. By merging my education and experience with the support of a successful company such as Walsworth, I can help your school create a cutting-edge yearbook that is on time and fits your needs.

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Elana Sacino

Started creating yearbooks in 1990 and does not ever plan on stopping. She was an editor and/or photographer for 10 publications and has now been a yearbook sales rep for 15 years. She has worked on over 500 yearbooks. She has also been a professional photographer since 2000 and enjoys teaching yearbook staffs how to get the shots that will take their yearbook to the next level . She was the official photographer for Dark Horse Comics at San Diego Comic Con 2012-2014 and for Big Brother Season 13. The few years she did not do yearbook, she ran marketing campaigns for Coke-a-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, American Express and Molson Breweries.


Brooke Renna Pang, CJE

Is the definition of a “Yearbook Lifer.” She has been doing yearbook longer than anything else in her life, starting with her sixth grade yearbook staff. By the time she graduated college, she helped produce 10 yearbooks as well as completed four years on her college’s newspaper staff, serving two of those as editor-in-chief. Brooke is in her fifth year as a yearbook representative for Walsworth Yearbooks, and she brings her knowledge and enthusiasm for all things yearbook to the staffs she works with in Northern California. When Brooke is not yearbooking, she spends her time building LEGOs, eating ice cream and taking photos!

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Carlos Giron

Is a published photographer and creative entrepreneur. After working in the field for over six years photographing for universities, corporations, and restaurants, I wanted to find a way to bring my skills and knowledge to the classroom. Being a former yearbook photography editor in high school, joining the Walsworth Yearbook team was the next logical step. I bring my knowledge in sport, event, and portrait photography to help schools' programs achieve their photography dreams. I cover everything from the basic understanding of how to use their photography gear, what they should be looking for, to more advanced topics like how to use to studio lights on location.

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Michelle DiSimone, CJE

Will be starting her 30th year as a yearbook representative in Southern California. Over the course of her tenure, she has helped the staffs she works with take their book to the next level, guiding them through all parts of the yearbook process, from theme development to book distribution.


Erin Stoskopf

Has over 10 years of manufacturing and product life cycle skills under her belt. In additional to marketing and sales experience to launch new brands and products. It is first nature for her to peak a groups interest into purchasing what she is selling based on helping create a cohesive theme that everyone will love. Erin has hands on teaching experience in New Delhi, India. She spent half a year training and working with a group of women on how to produce a product from start to finish. These unique talents will translate into her innate ability to instantly understand your classroom and individual student needs throughout the year in order to produce an amazing yearbook and to help you sell out! Not only was she involved in her high school yearbook class but she is back at it helping classes like yours overcome challenges and capture the years memories. Having a yearbook partner who has an entrepreneur spirit and wealth of knowledge on your side as an Adviser will make your year a breeze.


Martin Albornoz

Was a high school social studies teacher before finding his true passion in publishing. With over 25 years of working in newspapers, magazines and many digital platforms, he brings expertise in design, photography, editorial, sales and marketing. He has been working with yearbook students for the last five years and bringing his passion for publishing full circle with his love of teaching.


Danielle Sill

With over 10 years of yearbook experience as a Walsworth Yearbooks Representative in Northern California, Danielle Sill enjoys every fun and challenging moment. From theme development, to cover design and journalism to marketing, she will help you lift up your yearbook game!


Nicole Gravlin, CJE

Works with schools in Northern California. Her background in digital design and strength in software knowledge, coupled with Walsworth’s technology and craftsmanship, provides advisers and staff with the support needed to produce a quality, award-winning book.


Natasha Volpe

Is entering her 14th year as a yearbook representative with Walsworth Yearbooks. She brings motivation, education and inspiration to her classes. Natasha is committed to making her advisers lives more manageable by reducing their stress, especially now during these uncharted times.


David Barnes

Yearbooks are forever. They are the school’s history, memories, and pride. David is passionate about yearbooks, pride, and finding great stories within the school. He believes yearbook staffs help build community. Using the tools and resources Walsworth and David offer, he will help you and your staff create and market a yearbook that your student body is proud of and excited to purchase.


Jen Crutcher

Has been involved with yearbooks throughout high school as the editor-in-chief, and she now works for Walsworth Yearbooks. Her ability to connect with students and advisers, combined with her passion for yearbooks and teaching make her your best choice for your yearbook program. Her degree in Elementary Education from NAU, and her collegiate volleyball career have showed her the importance of teamwork and leadership skills in and outside of the classroom. Jen empowers her advisors and students with the skills and resources they need to make their book, program grow. Jen will do whatever it takes to help make every year better than your last and continue to help whenever needed.


Matt Holmes

Has been a Walsworth Representative for almost 20 years. He works with schools in Oregon, Washington and Alaska, helping them through all stages of the yearbook creation process. Matt has worked with InDesign since it’s creation and has a large percentage of InDesign schools.


Rhonda O'Dea, CJE

Is the West Area Regional Manager for Walsworth. She has a life-long history in yearbooks. Both a high school and college editor, Rhonda went on to advise yearbooks at Salem High School in Virginia Beach, Va. for eight years. As an adviser, Rhonda was recognized on the local, state, and national level for excellence in scholastic journalism. She served as a judge and instructor for national journalism associations, NSPA and CSPA. In her current role as the West Area Regional Sales Manager, she frequently consults with schools on theme, design, writing and photography. Her commitment is to foster long term relationships with advisers, administrators and staf4 fs who want to create the best yearbooks for their school communities.