SoCal Yearbooks is a comprehensive journalism workshop covering designing with both InDesign and Online Design, copywriting, business and marketing, staff organization and motivation, leadership, digital photography and photojournalism, Photoshop, yearbook trends, and much more.


Gain key knowledge and tips from industry leaders about current trends and emerging technologies, take away useful insights to apply to your yearbook.


Sonya Singh

Is a freelance writer, editor and photographer whose work has appeared in Los Angeles magazine, NME and Nylon, among others, specializing in culture and music. She has photographed artists from dusky clubs to stadium stages, traveled alongside bands, helped tell stories from inside maximum-security prison and interviewed hundreds of people from U.S. ambassadors to Slash. She is the music editor for Rogue magazine, and her piece on“Parks & Recreation” star Aubrey Plaza was featured on the magazine's summer 2017 cover. A graduate of Pepperdine University, Singh also advises student media in Southern California. Previously, she worked as an editorial assistant in London and interned television development at BBC Worldwide in Los Angeles.


Ash Goodwin (they/them)

A life-long YERD who has contributed in some way to nearly 20 volumes of yearbooks, Ash joined a yearbook staff for the first time as a photographer their sophomore year at St. Helens High School. They went on to become EIC and earned The Lion its first Pacemaker Finalist mention in 2001. While Ash was EIC of The Tower yearbook at Loyola Marymount University (LMU), the program won its first Gold Crown Award in 2006 and was named Best in Show at the 85th Annual National College Media Conference. As an LMU alum, Ash continues to mentor students of The Tower staff in design, theme, and production, supporting the program's achievements of 6 additional Gold Crowns, 2 Silver Crowns, and 4 Pacemakers since 2009. Ash has more than 18 years of experience as a freelance designer, typographer, editor, and curator, and designs publications for universities, journals, magazines, small presses, artists, writers, and poets. They are all about innovative narrative design, mindfulness, growth mindset, fresh sneakers, motorcycle road trips to national parks, and fostering rich collaboration in creative environments. Ash lives in Portland, Oregon (with more than 65 beloved houseplants!).


C. Dow Tate

Is a winner of multiple Pacemaker and Gold Crown awards. He is one of the most influential people in the Texas’ 75-year scholastic journalism history. He has taught three National High School Journalists of the Year and has had two Pulitzer Prize winning students.


Remy Mendoza

I’m entering my sophomore year of college and I was in Rancho Cucamonga High School’s Yearbook for 3 years. I have some new insight from the classes I’ve taken outside of high school and I really hope the new things I’ve learned will be helpful to current Yearbook students. I also have a dog named Ellie who gives me all my design inspiration.


Becky Lucas Tate, CJE

While advising both the newspaper and yearbook at Shawnee Mission North High School for the past 28 years, Tate has been named a Special Recognition Adviser in newspaper by the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund and in yearbook by the Journalism Education Association. She also received the Engel Award for the Outstanding Kansas Journalism Teacher of the Year in from the Kansas Associated Collegiate Press. Tate's staffs consistently earn All-American and Medalist ratings along with Crown and Pacemaker awards.


Stephanie Perluss

Stephanie advises the West Covina High School yearbook staff, The Quest; and has done so for 14 years. With her as adviser, her students have earned multiple awards from NSPA and JEA for their work in design, photography and writing. She also serves as a Walsworth New Adviser Mentor because, she "Frickin' loves this stuff!" and wants other teachers and students to love it too.

SoCal Yearbooks Track

For Walsworth National Virtual Workshop please visit:

Walsworth Track →
  • The Future of Yearbooks - Carlos Giron  GO TO SESSION →
  • Get a preview of the ins and outs of Yearbooks 360 and how it will be making your life easier this year.

  • Marketing Your Yearbook - Erin Stoskopf, Katie Rios  GO TO SESSION →
  • Sell more copies of your yearbook this year with these tips and tricks about how to market your yearbook, utilizing premade content from Walsworth and creating your own with Canva.

  • Yearbook Writing 101 - Rhonda O'Dea  GO TO SESSION →
  • Have you found yourself asking should this be in the past tense? If so, this class is for you. We'll cover headlines, captions and story writing.

  • Getting Started with InDesign - Nicole Gravlin, CJE  GO TO SESSION →
  • Learn the basics of how to use InDesign, including setting up your Masterbook.

  • Welcome to OD - David Barnes  GO TO SESSION →
  • New to Online Design? This is the class for you! Learn how to customize templates, set up fonts, and more.

  • New Advisers, Where to Start? - Carlos Giron  GO TO SESSION →
  • New advisers, this is the class for you to learn all the ins and outs to working with Walsworth.

  • Editor 101 - Brooke Renna Pang, CJE  GO TO SESSION →
  • Want to know what it takes to be an effective leader in the classroom? This is the class for you!

  • The Art of Interviewing - Sonya Singh & Carlos Giron  GO TO SESSION →
  • Interviewing people for your stories can be intimidating at first, but it can also be the most fun part of the reporting process. Learn how to put together questions, how to structure an interview and how one simple word can draw out better quotes instantly.

  • Advanced Design Part 1: Foundations for Award-Winning Publication Design - Ash Goodwin & Monica Loera  GO TO SESSION →
  • This is not your parents’ yearbook—in this session, we’ll deep dive into design fundamentals for award-winning design (grids/space, color, fonts, hierarchy, consistency, etc.) and take a look at which yearbook design “rules” just might be ready to be evolved for good.

  • Staff Bonding - Erin Stoskopf & Katie Rios  GO TO SESSION →
  • Learn techniques for staff bonding for in person and hybrid situations.

  • Advanced Design Part 2: The Power of a Publication Design Style Guide - Ash Goodwin & Monica Loera  GO TO SESSION →
  • At Loyola Marymount University’s (LMU) The Tower, our design style guide is our #1 superpower for consistently winning top-level yearbook design awards year after year. A good style guide combines ALL the foundations for great design (come to Advanced Design Part 1!) into one slam-dunk tool for your staff that gives vision to your year, makes consistency easeful, and gives less experienced staff members agency without compromising book quality. In this session, we’ll learn about what makes up a style guide and how you can make one for your next yearbook.

  • The WOW Factor Using InDesign - Nicole Gravlin, CJE  GO TO SESSION →
  • Do you always wonder how schools create those cool things in InDesign? Learn advanced techniques in InDesign that'll make people say WOW when they look at your spread.

  • Taking OD to the Next Level - Brooke Renna Pang, CJE  GO TO SESSION →
  • Learn advanced Online Design techniques to take your book to the next level.

  • Managing Your Yearbook Budget - David Barnes  GO TO SESSION →
  • Learn from a veteran rep how to use your yearbook budget to the fullest, without going into the red.

  • Can I Print That? - Rhonda O'Dea  GO TO SESSION →
  • Ever ask that question? This is the class for you. Learn what you need to know about copyright -- what you can print in your yearbook and where to find free content.

  • Next Steps Adviser - Student Structure - Stephanie Perluss  GO TO SESSION →
  • More details coming soon!

  • Social Media Tips You Need to Implement - Brooke Renna Pang, CJE  GO TO SESSION →
  • Starting a social media account for your yearbook? Implement these tips and tricks to get the most out of your account.

  • How to Work With What You've Got - Alicia Carlson  GO TO SESSION →
  • Learn how to get the best photos you can from whatever camera you have access to, whether you’re on a phone, a point and shoot, or an SLR.

  • Illustration - The Magic of the Select Tool - Remy Mendoza & Monica Loera  GO TO SESSION →
  • Learn how to easily spice up your yearbook with graphics using different tools in Photoshop.

  • Photopea - Alicia Carlson  GO TO SESSION →
  • Learn how to edit your photos like a pro using layers, mask, and more.

  • Advanced Design Part 3: Inspiration, Trends, and Q&A - Ash Goodwin & Monica Loera  GO TO SESSION →
  • Get your inspiration flowing in this session as we take a curated look at successful spread designs and get specific about why each works and how to learn from its tricks! We’ll also dig into upcoming design trends and some favorite design resources. Bring your questions to this session as we’ll have time for discussion at the end!


If you are paying with a PO/check please email Carlos Giron to register at: info@socalyearbooksworkshop.com

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   Cover and endsheet virtual session

  Critiques from award-winning yearbook advisers

  Elective courses taught by your West Coast reps

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